Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A 7 year old's Confession of Faith

A few Sunday's ago Little Miss P didn't want to go to her usual kid's church. She wanted to come sit in with us in the church service. When she said that I wondered what was wrong.  And then I kind of sighed.  She's very wiggly and it make for a not so relaxing way to sit and listen to the sermon.  Her loving daddy however wrapped his arms around her and smiled at her and said "Sure!" like it was the best news he'd heard all day...may I add he did this sincerely.
So she came and sat with is.  And she sung along with all the songs. And she was very still. It was very odd. I must admit I wondered if she was sick.  This girl is a going concern from the time her beautiful blues open in the morning until they close at night.  
And then she tapped on my shoulder and showed me this

"Jesus is the truth and the way and the life. I will forever love him and be a Christian.I will always trust Him. I will never bow down to an idol. I will never worship anything or anyone but Jesus. I welcome Him into my heart."
Her confession of faith.  This was NOT what the pastor was preaching on AT ALL.  She had her own time with God. He met her right then and there.

An Update

I cannot believe it's been since the middle of July that I posted!  So much going on. There have been so many times that I wanted to sit down and write something but did not have the time!  Yep, it's been that busy.
OK let's see...we had the privilege of going down to Palm Springs to visit my dad,step-mom, brother, and grandpa this summer.  That was fun!  We went to Capernwray on Thetis Island for a week with Shaun's family.  That was good.  The girls did swimming lessons and two Vacation Bible Schools.  We had a few bbqs and hung out with friends.  My mom took the girls quite a bit this summer between all their activities so we adults could work.  It was a good and busy summer!
Just before we went to camp we got a call saying it was time to come to Victoria and say goodbye to Grandma (Shaun's dad's mom).  We went. The hour and a bit we got to spend with her was lovely.  She was so gracious to us. She was in a tremendous amount of pain and yet she still had a cheerful smile and time to drawn and giggle with the girls.  I won't forget those last moments.  She passed away a week later.  We sure were thankful that we were able to take the time to go and say goodbye.  She had quite a life.  I know she loved Jesus and so I will get to spend some more time with her on the other side.  Death where is your sting!
School started at the beginning of September for the girls.  They are now in Grades 2 & 4.  My goodness they are growing up quickly! I'm loving it!  The older they get the more I enjoy them...and I really enjoyed them as babies! I'm one blessed mama. It was nice to be back at the same school and know people and greet people as friends instead of being the new ones (although I must say that last year the school they are in and the families that go there were so welcoming, warm and friendly to all of us even as newbies). We are very very blessed with the privilege of attending this school. The three years on the wait list was definitely worth it! Miss M has "an awesome" teacher.  She has her first male teacher. She loves being in his class.  Little Miss P has a new teacher to the school and she loves her as well.  I'm pleased with these reports.  I haven't been able to be around school as much this year as I've been working more intensely and longer but I am thankful that they are comfortable in their school environment.
Both girls began music lessons with the start of school. Miss M is taking piano lessons and little Miss P is taking violin.  They are doing well.  M practices without reminders most of the time Miss P...she needs the reminders.  They both have a knack for it though and it's fun to watch them learn.  I'm even getting to learn violin with Miss P so I can help her along.  Bonus!
We are now 10 months into attending the church that we went to when we were engaged and first married.  It is so nice to live in the community that we attend church in.  We see so many familiar faces where ever we go. I love it!  I can't recall ever having this experience so often.  If you've not moved often then maybe you wouldn't be thankful for this but for me it's a massive gift and I truly am thankful for it.  There again it's nice to go to church and now know people. It's always a bit awkward when you are new somewhere. And again, the warmth and kindness of people we've met has been so wonderful.  People are not always friendly, especially if they have lived somewhere their whole lives.  They can be cliquish and have no need or room for new friends.  This has not been the case here.  Many of our friends have lived here all their lives and they have time for our family.  It's a beautiful thing.  I am grateful.
I have been marveling at the people in our lives family and both old friends and new friends.  What a gift they each are! They each have a special niche of their own in our hearts.
For our 14th anniversary my mom took the girls for us for 4 whole days. We got to go to Whistler and just be away.  We even did something we've never done before...we went ziplining! We got up to 100 km /hr.  Awesome! We loved it!  We'd for sure do it again.
We celebrated Shaun's Grandma's life the weekend after celebrating our anniversary.  Memorials definitely set people to thinking about life and the inevitability of death.  It is interesting to watch how each person responds.  Shaun and I got to sing together at the memorial.  I must brag on my man here.  He's amazing!  I. LOVE. Singing. With. Him!  It''s probably one of my favourite things.  It's a gift to my soul, to the very core of my brings me such joy.  I can't think of anything more amazing than singing TO my Creator with the love of my life.
The business as been humming along.  We are working hard.  It too is getting easier little by little...not less work, maybe even more work. But the learning curve is not at such a steep incline. It's still pretty steep though!  We're exhausted most of the time. :)...which we honestly don't mind.
So as you can see, life is humming along quite busily and nicely.  I think it takes a good 5 years to settle into a place properly.  We're a a year and a half in and it's getting easier.
I am thankful. I am blessed.