Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Miss P lost her first tooth.

It finally happened! Portia lost her first tooth. She has been waiting for a few years now for this to happen (since Miss M lost her first tooth).  Her adult tooth pushed it out, finally.  She lost it in class :).  She got a little poem and got to show it off to all of her classmates.  She was so proud!
This morning Shaun woke up and heard little mournful sobs coming from her room. He went in to see what was the matter.  She couldn't find her coin that the tooth fairy had left.  She had found it in the night and woken up a few times to make sure it was there...and now it was gone.  Shaun spent about a 1/2 hour looking for said coin.   Her whole room was torn apart, mattresses moved and all.  He even tried to invoke the right of a parent to replace a coin if the tooth fairy's coin was lost...nope...she needed to find that original coin.  How did she know which coin?  Well the tooth fairy's coin was super shiny! So Shaun kept looking. I joined in on the search once I heard of it.  Nada.  It wasn't anywhere!
Little Miss P was quite sad but we convinced her to continue getting ready for her day and perhaps it would show up.  About 2 minutes later we hear a little giggle and then pitter-patter of little feet as she rushed to us, "I found my coin! It was in my underwear!"  Ummmm how did it get there?  "I don't know!"  She must have put it there for safe keeping.  And it was very safe it couldn't be found...until it was :).
and that is the story of Little Miss P and how she lost her first tooth on February 28, 2012.