Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update Oct. 2010's been awhile hey!
This summer was hard. This summer was fun. This summer was BUSY. Let's see we were given several gifts of travel! It all started with my cousin Ricci being in the Paralympics here in Vancouver and Whistler. She gave us both opening and closing ceremony tickets. It was spectacular and wonderful but most of all it was amazing to see my baby cousin reach that triumph after so much. Then beginning in April my family (on both sides) brought us too them :). April was Reno for my Grandma's 80th birthday, July was Redondo Beach and Disneyland for my Dad's wedding, and September was Palm Springs for my Grandpa's 80th. Shaun's family also blessed us with gifts of a few trips June was Victoria with Glen and Christine and the beginning of Sept. was Galiano with Dad, Nan, Charlie (the girl formerly known as Sam), and Jack. Then the first weekend of Oct. Our dear friends took us with them to Tofino! That equaled 28 days of amazing fun, connecting, travel, adventure, refreshment! Things our souls have been longing for. On top of that my mom took the girls for 11 days at the beginning of Aug while Shaun and I worked like crazy people on the house doing 16 hour days. And my sister-in-law Ange came and watched the girls for a couple of days while I cared for my mom post surgery in July. Can you believe how blessed we are by family and friends?
On July 8th our house had a teeny tiny flood and that turned into a MASSIVE renovation. Shaun's parents were kind enough to take up in for weeks on end (literally) as we couldn't live in the house during most of the renovation. We are finally pretty much done as of today. It's just the little niggly things that are left. Shaun did all of the work and has done a BEAUTIFUL job as always. If you ever wonder if you should hire him come look at our house then decide.
We have also merged our business with Shaun's brother's business as of this month. VERY happy about this. I think I say about once a day (AT LEAST) "I love Jim" because he is amazing at what he does and it means I don't have to do the bookkeeping, keep track of what Shaun is supposed to be doing, and thinking about new and creative ways to run a business...I still do think about the latter part and can throw my ideas out there but the point is I don't have too! :) And that takes a massive load off of my back.
We have started our second year of homeschooling. M is in Gr. 2 and Portia started Kindergarten. I was apprehensive about adding another child to teach but I am happy to report that things are going wonderfully! We are having so much fun. Both girls have completely different ways of learning but in May I was able to get all new curriculum that suites Mercedes learning style as she is a completely visual learner. Portia is an auditory learner so she pretty much could do anything and learn. Mercedes is doing so well. I am so pleased with this new curriculum. It's not a fight this year as it was last year. Sooooooo thankful.
In other news M grew an inch and a half in 6 months. I cannot keep that girl in shoes or clothes. She has gone from a little girl to a girl. From a size 12 shoe to a size 2 shoe, and up 2 clothing sizes. She is a thoughtful, sweet, and loving girl. She is peaceful and calm. She loves going out on long walks (something she does with Papa and Grandma). She still loves being outdoors the best. Portia keeps us in stitches. Last night Shaun asked the girls, as he was putting them to bed, "what do I need to do to be a good Daddy to you?" She said, "Love the Pooch" (meaning Keiko). Not "love the puppy"...the things she says...She come up to me and says stuff like "You're the most beautiful mommy in the world and I'm glad you're my mommy. I love you so." and then proceeds to give me big hugs and kisses. She is one affectionate and loving child.
I think we are finally settling into our home after living here for 3 years now. It's takes time to orient oneself to a place and find friends, business contacts, your rhythm . We are still at our church. We couldn't give up that church :). So we drive. It's a bit of a nuisance not being close to our friends but we drive or they graciously drive to us. God has blessed us with an amazing core group of friends who are in the same stage of life and who have lovely children our girls' age.
I feel like I missed Spring, Summer, and Fall this year...although we did plant a garden for the first time. So I intend to take in Winter. I want to cozy up to crackling fires and just be cozy with my family and friends. That is what I am looking forward too the most this winter....speaking of seems to be here! It's not even Nov. yet and it's cold and rainy. La Nina Winter is the rumor. Ironic considering we needed snow this last Winter for the Olympics :D and both Winters on either side of the Olympics will have amazing snow. There is already fresh snow on the North Shore mountains. Yesterday was the most beautiful Fall day... crystal blue sky with a full panoramic of all the mountains with fresh snow on them! Takes ones breath away.
Anyway, I've blathered enough. :) Have a great day.