Monday, June 18, 2012

Take me to Paris.

The girls and my mom were having a conversation and the girls were asking my mom when she was going to go to London again.  They talked for a bit about money and the cost.  Then Portia piped up, "Grandma, if you ever go to Paris you must take me!" My mom asked her why she wanted to go to Paris. "I want to be a fashion designer, Grandma, and that's where all the best ones live!" .
I have no idea where she got that but...the girl knows her mind!  That has been on her radar for 3 years now and she's only just 7. And you know, I think she would be excellent at it. So perhaps one day, we'll be heading to Paris to visit our fashion designer.  :).  

A Crutch?

As I was working on a job-site this last week I was contemplating something people say who are not Christians and this is their reason why they are not Christians..."I don't need a crutch and that's all that religion is to me".  That statement may very well be true of religion.  I don't believe in religion though. I don't believe in ritual. Well I should clarify that...I don't believe in ritual that is routine (in other words something that you do to check the box). I believe in ritual, however, which has meaning of deep importance...but that's a topic for another day.   As I was thinking about this and mulling this "Christianity as a crutch" over it hit me as a somewhat  bizarre. 
 Jesus is not a religion. If He is that then we're back at "checking a box". Because, you're right, if Jesus was a crutch to me that would be mean that He is a temporary fix to a fixable problem. That I only need Him for a short time. It would mean that within myself I'm self sufficient.  That I'm a god, essentially. What bunk! What arrogance.
Jesus is not a crutch He is...
He is out of time and space.  He was before time and space. He has no beginning and no end. He is Creator and I am created.  He is the son of God. He saved my soul.  He is grace. He is Love. His love never fails. His love is flawless.  It never gives up. It never runs out on me.  His love is constant through trial and pain. It overwhelms and satisfies my soul.  I never ever have to be afraid.  He took our sin. He bore our shame, He rose to life. He defeated the grave.  He delights in His children. He is the treasure I could not afford but He gave it freely.  He is slow to anger.  He is the essence of kindness. He is my provider. He is peace. He is light. He is my counselor. He is wisdom. He is comfort. He is my sanity. He is my clarity.  There is no power that can come against Him. Who He opposes cannot stand. He is faithful. Day and Nights angels sing "Holy Holy is the Lord" to Him. He hears the cry of every broken heart, He gives the hopeless soul a brand new start. He leads the captive to freedom. He holds orphans in His loving arms. He is beauty and majesty and glory. He is worthy.  He is Servant and King of Kings.  He is my breath of life. A love like this the world has never known. His love has captured me. He has replaced my lesser gods and lesser pleasures. He alone can satisfy.  He holds my every moment. Everything else fades in the light of Him. He in Himself is enough. 
That's what God does. That's who He is...and I could keep going. There is no end to Him. You cannot plumb the depths of Him.
Any of those qualities in me are only a reflection of the author and finisher of my faith. Jesus Christ.  A reflection not the source. 
Indeed, I need much more than a crutch.