Monday, October 10, 2011

A season of no coffee dates.

Sometimes you just have to work harder than you've ever worked and learn more than you thought you could possibly absorb. There is no margin. Sometimes.
Lately...we've been busier than we've ever allowed ourselves to be.  I really don't feel like I have time for anything other than the necessities... I don't have time for a cup of coffee with a friend it seems. I have, however, been drinking lots of coffee but it's by myself in the office while I'm working away.
The good news is this...we are building this business. The girls are thriving in school. We have an established routine. Our home is a peaceful place. We are blessed. It's for a season...and when this season is more smoothed out I know those friends will still be there to have coffee with because, as I mentioned, we are blessed. One of those blessings...good friends to have coffee with even if there are long gaps in-between coffee dates.
So for now, I am content to work hard with no coffee dates.
There will come a new season soon enough...a season which allows for those longed for coffee dates.  I look forward to them with great anticipation.